“You can do it!”

Randy Sharp

Randy was born in New York City in 1963. When her parents separated she moved to England with her mother and sister. Living in England in the 1970’s was not amusing – a lot of people really hated Americans, plus her name means “horny” over there. Randy is a terrible student and was thrown or failed out of every school she attended. Receiving only two O levels (exams essential for college placement in the UK) she was removed and installed in an American liberal arts college called Simon’s Rock.

The transition from a boarding school where you were only allowed to wear your own clothes for one hour on Sunday to – basically – a “free-spirited” (no rules) hippie school was a profound experience. Randy barely graduated in 1984 with a 1.7 grade point average. She has always been interested in entertaining as both her parents were consummate hosts. Cooking began as an offshoot to simply having friends over and her fascination with it continued through her 30’s. One day Randy’s friend David gave her an immersion course in french cooking at The International Culinary Center in NYC.

The rest is history.


Filmed and edited by Hai-Tao Wu and Nicholas Guldner of Mad Hatter Media Group

Still Photographer Regina Betancourt

Music by Paul Carbonara

Producer  Lynn Mancinelli

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