What You’ll Need For Grilled Shishito Peppers

Grill pan
Serving dish

A true appetizer- Put down that deep fried popper and pick up a blistered pepper! Shishito peppers are a crowd-favorite and couldn’t be easier to make. With just a hot pan, salt, pepper, olive oil, you can make this dish too!

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  • Shishito peppers
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Wash peppers and dry them off. Season generously with olive oil, salt & pepper.
  2. Heat up a heavy pan and coat the bottom with olive oil. Make sure that your pan is hot enough so that the peppers sizzle when you put them in! You can even try just one to test it out, just to make sure.
  3. Pour in the peppers and shake the pan until there are areas of the peppers that are blistered or charred! This is how you know they are ready to serve.
  4. Serve hot for you and your guests to enjoy!
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