What You’ll Need For Deviled Eggs

Egg serving dish
Pot for hard-boiling eggs

Delicious. Decadent. Devilish. Do it! Make deviled eggs that are perfect for any occasion, especially if you’re feeling fancy! Learn how to prepare this dish from perfectly boiling the eggs to adding the perfect pickled toppings. People will love them!

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  • At least a dozen eggs
  • Pickled peppers
  • Pickled shallots
  • Mayonnaise


  1. Put the eggs in a pot of water on a medium heat. Cook eggs for seven minutes AFTER you see distinct bubbles rising out of them NOT a rolling boil. Start the timer from the first string of distinct bubbles!
  2. Ice bath the eggs and then carefully peel the eggs to prep them for being cut in half.
  3. Cut eggs in half. * Use sharp knife and clean it between slices with a damp paper towel. Closely follow the method used in the video for guidance on this!!
  4. Add a teaspoon of mayo to the center of each egg. Or more if you like! It’s all up to what you like to taste!
  5. Add pickled shallots and pickled jalapeños. Learn to make them yourself – Watch Now Here!
  6. Hit with black pepper before putting them on your serving dish. Clean surface of the egg dish prior to placing them on there. Keep in fridge.
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